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"I looked for some time on the Internet, and received replies from many processors, but your company really stood above the rest. The rates you locked in for me and the way you stand by your customer shows why I choose you. I would recommend you to everyone."
~ T.Roberts

"I looked for some time on the Internet, and received replies from many processors, but your company really stood above the rest. The rates you locked in for me and the way you stand by your customer shows why I choose you. I would recommend you to everyone."
~Rick Melton
Ayx Armani Exchange 

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Credit Card Services and Merchant Account, Fort, Texas.

FDIS Wolverine ican help rovide you a merhcant account for credit card processing in Fort, Texas.

 Fort Worth, Texas Business Merchant Credit Card Processing


The city of Forth Worth, Texas is the second-largest cultural and economic center of the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area (commonly called the Metroplex). Fort Worth and the surrounding Metroplex area offer numerous business opportunities and a wide array of attractions.

FDIS-Wolverine offers merchant account services to the retail, wireless, and online businesses in Forth Worth, Texas. Having a merhcant account means that your business will have the ability to process credit card payments from your consumers. For the quick-service restaurants, gas stations, e-commerce sites, FDIS-Wolverine has a wide range of services from Point of Sale Terminals to devices and softwarespecially catered to your business.

For whatever type of business you may have, FDIS-Wolverine is ready to serve you and develop a merchant account system that is focused to your business needs.


Merchant Account Solutions and Services Fort Worth, Texas

From being able to process credit cards to establishing a credible and efficient merchant account, to having the latest in point-of-sale terminals, FDIS Wolverine offers you a variety of products and services for your business needs in Fort Worth, Texas.



Fort Worth, Texas | Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

FDIS provides comprehensive payment solutions designed for independent gas stations and convenience stores that are no longer affiliated with the larger branded gas companies. We understand the intricacies of operating an independent gas station as well as the benefits they offer the marketplace.



Fort Worth, Texas | Quick Service Restaurants

A payment revolution has exploded in the QSR market with many of the major chains accepting credit cards and PIN-secured and signature debit cards as payment. FDIS has a payment processing program to fit the needs of quick service restaurants so, accepting any form of payment is faster, easier and more convenient for your customers.



Fort Worth, Texas | Wireless Solutions

Today's businessperson isn't always in a store, especially if his or her business is a delivery, limousine or taxi service; a home repair contracting company; or participates in fairs. These merchants need business equipment that they can take with them on the road.


Fort Worth, Texas | E-Commerce Online Solutions

To compete in today's aggressive online e-commerce environment, merchants need a fast and reliable payment processor they can trust to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.





The First Data™ FD50 terminal offers your business an affordable and functional point of sale (POS) terminal that allows you to accept virtually every payment type reliably and securely.




The First Data FD300 terminal is an ideal solution for operations that need to keep track of sales from separate businesses housed at the same location. Its multi-merchant capability allows the merchant to conveniently designate which business the sale is applied to at the time of purchase, all with one point-of-service terminal.

First Data POS Value Exchange™ Restaurant Solution.

Manage all aspects of your restaurant business with a comprehensive, cost-effective system that offers you an all-in-one point-of-sale solution to turn your tables faster. The First Data POS Value Exchange™ Restaurant Solution, an all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) computer system, helps small to mid-sized restaurant owners improve productivity and increase profitability.



First Data POS Value Exchange Retail Solution.

First Data teamed up with Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard to create an easy-to-use, dependable and affordable point of sale (POS) computer system that helps streamline your retail business, merchant account for greater profitability. Designed to replace a cash register, the First Data® POS Value Exchange™ Retail solution helps you manage inventory, track sales, control costs, improve customer service and better guide business decisions.


NURIT® 8400.

Quickly expand your range of payment options with the NURIT® 8400 point-of-sale solution. The NURIT® 8400, a compact, flexible terminal, was designed for small and mid-sized businesses that need an all-in-one landline terminal that’s secure, reliable and easy-to-use.



CellTrek® Mobile Merchant Solution.

CellTrek® Mobile Merchant service from First Data allows mobile users to turn specially-equipped cell phones into portable, wireless point-of-sale (POS) terminals. CellTrek® Mobile Merchant solution is a fully enabled mobile point-of-sale (POS) service that allows merchants to enter standard transactions, including sales, voids, and refunds as well as generate reports.


Hypercom Optimum T4220.

The Hypercom Optimum T4220 point-of-sale (POS) terminal combines the upgraded features merchants want into a reliable and cost-effective payment solution. This affordable POS solution is designed to meet the needs of today and be ready for tomorrow’s payment options.

VeriFone® Vx570.

The VeriFone® Vx570 terminal combines state-of-the-art processing speed, the flexibility and choice of connection options, and the ability to load and utilize custom, industry-specific applications.